How do I join?

Sign up online, and we’ll be in touch to help you figure out what you want and what you can offer. Please complete as much of your profile as possible to help us build a community of like-minded people and organisations.


Why Echo?

The word Echo is shorthand for Economy of Hours, and that’s exactly what it is. It’s also the name of a currency: one hour is worth one Echo.


What about dinner?

Bring along something to share – a dish, some veggies, crisps, some juice… We often stop to have dinner together around 7.30pm.

Do you offer discounts?

We do offer discounts to Hub members and our to partner organisations.

If your mission and event is particularly aligned with social enterprise / local community, we might also partner with you to host an event – in which case space hire prices are different. Please drop us a line at to find out more.

How late can we stay?

Our events normally finish by 10pm but we can be flexible up to the closing time of the Pop Brixton site which is usually midnight. Please talk to us to discuss your requirements.

Can we cook here?

We have a basic kitchen with a microwave, sink and dishwasher only. We may be able to accommodate the heating up of food. Please contact us to discuss.

Can the Hub arrange catering?

There are local food providers right on our doorstep at Pop Brixton. They can provide a mix of hot and cold food – from jerk chicken to sushi, veggie curries to fresh pizza. See a full list of their traders here.

You are also welcome to bring your own as long as you clear down afterwards.

We can also arrange catering for your event either through a private chef or one of our trusted local suppliers.

Can you arrange tea, coffee and water?

For meetings and workshops you can help yourselves to tea & coffee in our kitchenette for £1/head. Water is free. Please just help yourselves.

For larger events, please talk to us to arrange.

Can we serve food?

Yes, please feel free to arrange your own catering. We’ve had dinners here serving 50+ people, which have worked a treat. You’ll just need to arrange equipment to keep food warm.

How many chairs do you have?

We have around 75 chairs in the space. We may be able to source more if required – get in touch to let us know what you need.

Can we rearrange the main space?

Yes we can. Tables can be put to the sides or even stored away for the event and chairs can be arranged as you like.

Can you help promote my event?

Yes of course, we’d love to. Please send us one paragraph of text, your eventbrite link (or other registration page) and an image. We will include this on our website, in our social media and newsletters.

How do people get in and out?

Access to Impact Hub Brixton is through POP Brixton – head to the far left when you come in.

There will be a host at the front desk who can help with greeting guests on arrival.

Can we have more than 80 people attend an event?

Nope, sorry. We’re only licensed to have up to 80 people here for health and safety reasons.

Will there be a member of Hub Brixton staff there during the event?

Yes, there will be a host on the day to answer your questions and check everything runs smoothly.