Our values

We believe that doing our best for others starts from being our best selves. Impact Hub Brixton is about creating an environment which helps us to challenges ourselves to do better and be better, every day. These values explain why we do the things we do, and the way we do them.

1. Being curious

Imagine rediscovering your child-like wonder and excitement for learning about the world, ideas and other people – asking questions that go beyond ‘Why?’ to ‘How?’, ‘When?’ and ‘What next?’.

2. Enjoying the ride, together

Imagine work feeling like somewhere you belong; a place where it’s easy to bring your whole self, relax, discuss and act on what you care about.

3. Bringing generosity and optimism

Imagine the snowball effect from giving friendship, time, knowledge and biscuits to build a community of trust and opportunity.

4. Being open

Imagine freely sharing knowledge, information, experience, and inviting opinion – because the benefits of exchange are limitless.

5. Practising inclusivity

Imagine the strength and understanding we can build by welcoming diverse people and perspectives, so we don’t just see another point of view but feel it, too.
Making our values a reality
We are currently working on a plan to make these values a reality in everything we do – from finding new members to our business model, from our team culture to the events we host. If you have ideas, please share them with us!