Since 2016, Impact Hub Brixton has partnered with Echo to provide a way for our members to share skills and access the resources they need to grow their projects and businesses.

Existing members can now access their Echo accounts via the main Echo website. New members can sign up here.

What is Echo?

Echo is an Economy of Hours: a marketplace without the money. Our members buy and sell their skills, services and resources, using a currency called Echoes. The exchange rate couldn’t be easier: 1 hour = 1 Echo.

Who’s it for?

Echo is for everyone and anyone - whether you’re a small business, freelancer, large organisation or individual, Echo can help you pinpoint your potential and unlock your untapped resources, so you can start doing more and spending less.

How do I join?

Head over to the Echo website and sign up. It’s free to join and all new members get a 5 Echo overdraft straight away to help them get going. You can then crack on with adding offers, responding to requests and earning Echoes too.

Yejide Adeoye, LOGIC TO CREATE “ I have gained both personal and professional development under the Echo ethos and umbrella”
Murani Oloto, JARGNON. “Echo is a great way for a young company to gain confidence and get trust, and also form a client base”
Kevin Skinner, UNIT G GALLERY. “We spent Echoes on a graphic designer to come up with our logo and brand guidelines”