School of the Future leadership programme File_000 (2) In the face of changing technology, environmental challenges and growing inequality, countries from Finland to Singapore are rethinking their education system. Yet the UK seems stuck in a mass production model – churning out exam grades but failing to equip children for the real world. School of the Future brings together young people and decision makers to create an education system with young people, designed to maximise their curiosity and creativity. School of the Future is a collaborative programme initiated by Impact Brixton, Raw Talent and a host of South London education innovators, and based on 'U.Lab' systems change methodology. Start date: January 2018 (TBC). Contact School of the Future Lead, Abigail Melville, to find out more and register your interest. School is Boring event series (complete) File_000 (3)A series of 3 events produced with Raw Talent explored why UK schools have become so detached from the real world. Local school children, teachers, parents and business leaders came together to re-imagine what a school could and should look like. The Principal of Space Studio in West London spoke about their new system: zero homework for staff and pupils, at least one real-world learning experience each week, and project-based learning eg. the Heathrow Head of Engineering sets pupils challenges from the field.

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Raw Talent's mission is to empower young people to create their future through work insights and experiences. In particular, …

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