Have you heard the rumour that our world will soon be taken over by a bunch of robots? Whether you have or have not, this introductory talk about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), could provide you with some answers.

It is true that A.I. forms part of a suite of new technologies that is shaping daily life. However, depending on your perspective, it may enhance or undermine our lives.

If you want to gain some initial insights into the potential impact of A.I over the next few years, then sign up for this talk, hosted by Bybreen Samuels. In this workshop you’ll discover:

  1. Five trends that are shaping society
  2. Four key phases of A.I.
  3. A.I. powered developments led by China and America
  4. Job losses and the type of industries that will be affected
  5. Retraining for new jobs on the horizon

ABOUT Bybreen Samuels

Bybreen Samuels is a Software Engineer and a self-taught JavaScript, HTML and CSS coder. One day she dreams of waking up as a ‘JavaScript Ninja’. Alongside this, Blockchain and A.I. have grabbed her attention and currently, she is currently conducting research into A.I.

Bybreen is also the host of The Smart Years – Savvy Women Rising, a podcast which focuses on helping women between 40 – 65 years become the ‘Queen of Reinvention’ by blending; astrology, technology, start up advice, health and well-being.

She is an Evolutionary Astrologer who teaches people how to live an authentic and soulful life by understanding their inner blueprint. Her YouTube channel, Bybreen TV explores a textured take on astrology in her series Soul Stirring Astrology.


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Impact Brixton


Date & Time

April 1 | 6:30 pm to 8:00 pm


Impact Brixton


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Updated on 22 March 2019