Echo is an Economy of Hours: a marketplace without the money. Members buy and sell their skills, services and resources, using a currency called Echoes. The exchange rate is easy: 1 hour = 1 Echo.

As part of the London-wide Echo community, Echo @ Impact Hub Brixton is a network built especially for people and businesses in Brixton and surrounding areas. It’s a way to try new things, gain new skills, grow your business, connect with your local community and lots more - and there’s no money involved.

It’s free to join and all new members get a 5 Echo overdraft straight away to help them get going. You can then crack on with adding offers, responding to requests and earning Echoes too.


What people think

62% of Echo members said that Echo helped to make use of skills they don’t often get to practice. There are other benefits too – read on!

Yejide Adeoye, LOGIC TO CREATE

“I have gained both personal and professional development under the Echo ethos and umbrella”

Logic to Create helps businesses with marketing channels like Mailchimp and WordPress. Yejide used Echos to pay for venue space for her business workshops. Later she hosted an Echo-powered workshop on ‘email marketing with Mailchimp’. She later developed this into a fully paid course.

Murani Oloto, JARGNON

“Echo is a great way for a young company to gain confidence and get trust, and also form a client base”

JargNon offers low-cost digital and IT training to members of the local community with otherwise limited access to these things. Murani offered over 50 hours of IT training as part of the Echo community and in return received over 25 hours of mentorship and desk space. Through Echo he built valuable networks that led to established commercial relationships.

Kevin Skinner, UNIT G GALLERY

“We spent Echoes on a graphic designer to come up with our logo and brand guidelines” Kevin runs an affordable art exhibition space that showcases the best East London talent. Already familiar with Echo from his work at a leading social care enterprise, Kevin used Echo to begin his new venture on a tight budget. Kevin could then access lawyers and accountants using his time, not money.