The best way to understand how we work and create impact, is to see for yourself!

We offer a range of different tours, guided by our wonderful team of staff. If you are looking for a space to work from and an inspiring community to connect with, you can join our Open House Tours. If you are interested in learning more about the world of social enterprise, the rich business landscape of South London, and our unique approach of supporting community leadership, we are happy to design the perfect experience for you via our Learn & Discover Tours.

Open House Tours

Join our Open House Tours and learn about Impact Brixton's unique offer of support. Tours take place every Wednesday at 3.30pm and Friday at 1.30pm. You will meet our wonderful staff and hear about membership benefits, community and our mission for change.

Learn & Discover Tours

We create customised tours for different groups, companies, universities, schools and organisations. Discover the unique world of social enterprise in South London and hear the story of local community entrepreneurs.
You are interested in Impact Brixton membership, have a question or want to make a separate inquiry? Email us at