At Impact Hub Brixton, we don’t have all the answers to world challenges.

What we do have is the means to design, test and build the answers – together with hundreds of innovative members and partners.

What we have found is a better way of co-designing our cities. A better way of coming together to design and build our neighbourhoods and services.

Here's our 15-step guide to co-designing a better city:

  1. Use existing skills and assets within a community. Change should be peer to peer and locally rooted. Solutions ‘from above’ don’t solve the problem.

2. Practice change that starts from within. The problems are not ‘out there’ to fix; they start with ourselves, our actions, our mindset.

3. Have better conversations and create space for people to connect – and to connect courageously.

4. Applied knowledge is power. Play and practice, don’t just think and theorise.

5. Have fun. Everyone likes socials. And cake.

6. Convene more people, and more diverse people – especially marginalised groups. Be proactive in outreach. Meet people where they are.

7. Bring everyone involved to the table. To tackle knotty challenges like air pollution, we need government, big business, small business and community groups around the table

8. Help more people learn to facilitate. Bridge the gap between mainstream and marginalised.

9. Positive storytelling works in bringing new people along.

10. We need hubs. Lots of hubs. One uber hub is not the answer. Help people replicate things like Open Project Night in their communities.

11. Fundraise together. Collaborate around the whole picture. Don't just fund narrow objectives.

12. Work on impact storytelling together. Collectively build frameworks for clear and compelling stories of impact to show funders and partners what’s working.

13. Develop new business models. Many current business models don’t match the values of their organisations.

14. Allow ourselves to prioritise our own wellbeing. Find a buddy to help us stick to that.

15. Ground thinking in facts. Real change will be achieved by understanding the root causes of issues and making informed decisions, not by only appealing to emotion.

  Want to know more? Partner with us? Learn with us? Drop Bex a line, or come along to Open Project Night any monday night from 6.30pm.