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Impact Hubs are hosted by a team that connects our members, encourages cross-sector collaboration, design innovative events and programmes, and that generally support your work and build a thriving community.
Our team is made up of passionate people from Lambeth who want to support social and business ventures in the borough.  We have six members of staff and a wonderful team of Member Hosts who, while being our members, also help host the Hub one day a week. Each Member Host also works on special projects in their areas of interest and expertise.

Impact Hub Brixton's Core Team

Jen B

Jen B

Jen coordinates memberships and space bookings. She is super efficient at making sure things happen and are all in order. Jen…

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Olivia Comberti

Olivia puts on events and socials at the Hub, and makes sure all members are happy, connected, and have opportunities to lear…

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Annette Dhami

Annette is tasked to ensure that the work that we do at Impact Hub Brixton is the best that it can be. This involves monitori…

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Alice Fung

Alice is trained as an architect and co-founder of 00:/, a strategic development and design practice, and Impact Hub Brixton.…

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Rebecca Trevalyan

Rebecca (or Bex) builds relationships with people from all walks of life around Lambeth, and finds opportunities for people t…

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Joost Beunderman

Joost is no stranger to the hub network, before co-founding Impact Hub Brixton he co-developed Impact Hub Kings Cross and Imp…

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Helen Chapman

Helen Chapman

Alongside cooking up exciting members lunches every Friday, Helen is a Female Empowerment Consultant. The work she does is hi…

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Simona Campli

Simona Campli

Naturally inclined to look at things from an optimistic point of view, Simona strives to consider difficulties as challenges,…

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Carrie Swift

Carrie is our Tuesday morning host and is about to launch a public speaking training company with the aim of helping people t…

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Reetu Sood

A consultant and trainer driven by social change, Reetu says people come to her to tell her their secrets. Working with peopl…

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Rachael Palmer

Rachel is our Thursday morning host, and a full time mum. She previously worked as a youth worker helping young people make d…

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Hannah Parris

After completing a Phd in institutional economics and with a background in public policy, academia, consulting and politics, …

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Dolly May

Dolly May is a voice and communication coach, and founder of Working With Voice. She works with professionals coaching them …

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Tendai Chagweda

Tendai is the brain behind Quest4Success. Quest4Success assists Entrepreneurs and SMEs that are struggling, confused or overw…

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Karlette Briscoe

Karlette is a Commercial Property Surveyor by profession, and is currently pioneering a non- traditional Estate Agency that s…

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Programmes Team


Danna Walker

Danna Walker is an architect and founder of Built By Us, a social enterprise on a mission to change the face of construction …

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Jason Gibilaro

As well as being an Open Project Night Ambassador, Jason is the Creative Facilitator and Project Coordinator for Inclusion Ar…

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Manu Wachter

Manu founded EqualPlus to help organisations get diversity & inclusion right. As a qualified executive coach, he also hel…

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Comms Team

Lucy Whitehouse

Lucy is our newsletter lead, responsible for making sure everyone's in the loop on all the latest and greatest Hub updat…

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Victoria Stewart

Victoria can often be found hunting down and crafting blogs from in and around Hub Brixton. When not doing that, she works as…

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Lauren Turner

Lauren, our former comms wizard has returned to Hub Brixton (not that she ever really left…). Lauren does communications fo…

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