Impact Hub Brixton CIC is part of the family of projects, enterprises and ideas that together form Project 00.


Zero zero is a group of architects, programmers, social scientists, economists, urban designers, who work together to reimagine how we live, work and connect with each other. The Project 00 group includes Impact Hub Westminster, Impact Hub Islington (the original Impact Hub), Architecture 00, Studio Weave, Open Desk and Wikihouse Foundation. You can read more about Project 00, our members and enterprises HERE.


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Impact Hub Brixton CIC is currently fully owned by its sister hub Impact Hub Islington CIC, which enabled the founding of Impact Hub Brixton in Spring 2014. As a Community Interest Company, Impact Hub Brixton invests any profits back into its activities.


Want to talk more about what this means to us? Got ideas for how we could be governed? Want to apply to be on our advisory board? Contact Alice Fung or Joost Beunderman to find out more and discuss possibilities.