Christmas is the time of year where we think about those in our communities who could do with our support; Hub Storyteller Ann Storr spoke with Aurora, newest team member of Spiral Skills and learnt all about their latest project. Working in the Building Young Brixton Consortium, Spiral Skills are helping a group of young Brixtonians to plan and host an event that brings people together and challenges the narratives surrounding their communities.


Spiral Skills latest project is a collaboration with Ebony Horse Club and Irmo (Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation).  All three group are part of the BYB Consortium (Building Young Brixton), who are working to help the young people of Brixton to have a brighter and better start in life.


“The young people were briefed to create a community event and they decided to throw “a party in order to bring our young community closer together by helping to overcome the boundaries between us young people”.  Many young people across the BYB and Spiral Skills groups talk about the divisions between group.  They want to do something about narrowing that gap, and this event was the right place.”


“First of all, they needed a theme.  They brainstormed and came up with ideas about activities that they’d like to enjoy, such as drumming, working with paint, live music.  The 2 themes that they decided upon are Colour and Paint. This reflects the positivity and energy of the group and their communities.     Overcoming the reputation of young people, misrepresentation and misjudgement placed upon them through hard work, joy and vibrancy!”


“They worked with their themes to create activities that will get people up on their feet and working together.  Dancing, and spray painting tee-shirts.  We at Spiral are helping by finding professionals who work with the young people to realise their vision – and also make sure that Health and Safety are happy with all the plans, too.  This can be a little bit of a downer for the young people, but it’s an essential part of an event plan.”@


“Of course, they needed money!  The young people had to apply for funding to the consortia.  This may have been one of their biggest challenges.  They pitched to IRMO’s programme manager, and Ebony Horse Club’s Youth Leader.  They had to have an event that was sellable and realistic, and it wasn’t guaranteed that they’d get the money.  They smashed it!”


“Now they had the budget sorted, they needed a venue.  The young people chose Pop because it’s beautiful and it has all the facilities they need for performing.  They want the usual people who visit Pop to see their work, get involved and communicate with them.  Bayo from Pop has been amazingly helpful to the young people and we’re grateful for his time.”


“The young people are in groups, and they are learning how to market the event.  The logistics team have a huge job to do, learning about supply chains, purchasing, lead in times.  The entertainment team is being supported by Liam from School Ground Sounds. Liam is kindly sharing his contacts and helping them to find the right talent.  Learning how to use their budget and understand how to stage manage the entertainment is vital to the success of the event.  They’ve learnt so much and worked so hard, we’re so proud of them.”


The Spiral Skills event will be at Pop Brixton and will be on 9th December, 2pm-5pm – please head on down and show your support to the young people of Brixton!”




As told to Ann Storr.