Livity is a youth-led creative digital team, engaging in training and projects around London and the UK.  Livity brings together young people and creative enterprises to make beautiful work, babies.  The extra layers of training and access to small and large businesses provides an excellent link that enables the young people to get their next step on the ladder.


A team of four young people involved with Livity – Annie, Tianna, Genevieve and Daniel – have been working with the Hub.   Steph and Rachel have been working on a digital marketing strategy with the Livity team, and we are so grateful for their work.  The team are:


Tianna Greham – Designer


Daniel Obichukwu  – Freelance 3D Generalist


Annie Afrilu (same spelling on all socials) – advertising and digital writing


Genevieve Adeyemi, social media manager & team support


The team!
The team!


Check them out!


Hub Storyteller Ann Storr spoke with Annie the Livity X Impact Hub Brixton, and how the training is helping her to create her dream career of singing, record label owning and, ultimately, philanthropy.


I’m a singer songwriter, with plans to start and run my own record label.  After college I needed a day job; I was placed in an executive search agency – basically, headhunting.  This was what I needed to learn all about the real world, about how to learn to talk with executives and hold my own.


The skills I learnt at the agency helped me see what I needed to make my music dreams work – a strong work ethic, diligence, tenacity and courage.  Seeing how high-level business works taught me how to manage my day and time.  I’m grateful for learning skills like how to manage my time and workload – and the consequences that happened if I didn’t.


Through my work I also realised that there are some areas where I needed training. I figured SEO and digital marketing are skills that I need to realise my ambitions, so the next step was finding some good training.  Livity’s offering looked the best, and they were offering 2 day courses on how to be a Digital Marketeer.  This would give me the chance to practice skills and learn SEO.  The collaboration with Impact Hub sounded a perfect fit, especially as I love help people and my long term goal of philanthropy.


The Hub has its niche and who they want to attract as members.  Once we had that info, we could start to build the strategy.   Livity helped us to put the strategy into a clear format.  They’re smashing it, they’re amazing.


Genevieve, Daniel, Tianna and I are experienced in our trades, but working on a project that isn’t your creative baby is so helpful.  Building a strategy for your passion project is hard because you’re attached to every element.    The Impact Hub project is exciting because we believe in the work, but we can play around without worrying so much. This gives us the distance that we need to evaluate success.  We haven’t put the strategy into play yet but we’re all excited to see how it rolls out. And then we take these skills and networks forward to our projects and careers.


The four of us bonded, it was a total meeting of minds.  We’re all invested in progressing our careers and learning.  Rachel and Steph are the same!  This has been an amazing experience, I’m so glad I got involved.